Peter Shapiro

Life Coach/Video Maker

Visual Design

The following video segments were produced and projected for specific events

Camel Sin City Tour
Projected in performance venues during national tour

the bird she flies. she is very pretty. pretty bird fly. fly in the color rain.
thanks to my friend QPE for his song “Satellite”, from the CD, Gentrified.. which you may or may not hear, depending on

“I’m sorry to thank you”
Using natural sound from the location of each set up, created with the atmosphere,
(rain, » wind, waves, birds and one mean crow).

“The folly of men” a visual poem

I think one of the strongest visual memories of 9/11/01, for most New Yorkers, was how beautiful the sky looked that day. Big white puffy clouds. Mankind let mother nature down. Luckily, we can reflect with a true blue summery sky as our memory.

“unNatural Act’s”
a story of the natural world in affect to our dubious deeds
original score by Antonio Della Marina
adapted for sheep, by really slow sheep.