Peter Shapiro

Life Coach/Video Maker

Interactive Live Projections

a Documentation of the Zcollective’s performance at the Chelsea Art Museum

“Re” at BPM

A collaboration for the 23 windows studios. ZGT of Amoeba Technologies and Zuvuya Collective mix sound and sound and visuals for Shioh’s awesome performance at BPM in Williamsburg

“Sleep of Reason”, Ides Of March
This is An interdisciplinary performance of the Zuvuya Collective.
As part of the ABC No RIO “Ides Of March” anniversary series March 21, 2008.

“Sleep of Reason”
an excerpt of The Zuvuya Collective’s performance at the Collective Unconscious, in New York City. From Monday September 17, 2007 dancers; … all » Grace Eichinger, Yana Schnitzler, Kristina Skovby, Juliana Tilbury, Elisama Colon & Hiroko Yanagawa.
on stage visuals and lighting design and projections, CJ
music; soundscape direction; dr. littlefish
video mix and camera zuvuya collective

“Earthday @ the UN Peace Garden”
*34th annual International Earth Day celebration
with Transcendence, a site specific, ethnographic spectacle*
@ The United Nations. I was lucky to be a part of such an event.