Peter Shapiro

Life Coach/Video Maker

Family Event Specialty videos

Happy Birthday Peppy
What a weird and great video to make for a friend and loved one

We can incorporate your friends or family into a special video.

Happy Birthday Ralph It was Ralph’s 80th birthday. He hadn’t been in New York in years. So his family made him a little hello, from his hometown. There’s a guest appearance of Mel Brooks about a minute or so in. He was more surprised than me, when I asked him to do this.

Jeff and Shoshana’s Wedding rehearsal dinner video This was a unique take on the “same old thing”, a project I had from a great family in Houston Texas.I was asked to make a video for the pre-wedding dinner, that wasn’t going to be a typical montage of childhood pictures, and to also roast the family in the process. It took some thinking, but I think it’s pretty funny.

This was a spoof of an event, for Cody’s Birthday. It didn’t happen. Cody was both surprised and confused. I can do the same for any make-believe event you might want to plan for your loved one.

I happened upon a mom and her daughter, out flying a kite. I loved just watching them enjoy flying a kite along the river