Peter Shapiro

Life Coach/Video Maker

Music Videos

“All My Life”
singer songwriter Bob Klein’s beautiful song about love lost and found. From the sunflower fields of costa brava, to a stoop in New York City

“All My Life”
My first cut of my friend Bob’s song All My Life, with the kids on the stoop in New York City. Sunflowers, girasol, girasole, tournesol…
I had just returned from a trip northeast of Barcelona, in a town, surrounded by fields of sunflowers… A few days after I came home I was riding down 13th St., found these 30 gallon plastic trash bags filled with Sunflowers. I was able to balance one of the bags on my bike and make it home. At first I wanted to keep them in my bathtub, but that would only work for a couple of days. So we got the kids to turn our stoop into a field of sunflowers, and share them with our neighbors… It brightened up everyones day. I hope it does yours……

Alien Old Vynal
from the band zoogoo
This started as a conversation with this kid in Florida, who made some interesting music.
I made this “live mix” video for one of his songs. He hated it.. Wellll, this is pretty cool stuff.

“Sea Ya”
The first music video I did with Bob. I used a lot of my tropical underwater footage here. I appreciated his desire to get deeper into the dreamy ocean depths.

Kiss Her in the Shower
Cody Clarke putting it out there. He had a lot of hair, and a lot of ideas. The girls had towels.