Peter Shapiro

Life Coach/Video Maker

Installation Art Projects

Russell & Ashley
I find it amazing what slowing down a moment in time can do to an innocent game on the swings. Creating a demonic overtone to an already scary baby sitting experience.

This has been shown at the “Museum of Natural History”, in New York City and as part of SYNAESTHESIOLOGISTS: GLOBAL AUDIOVISUALS NOW @ The Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center in New York, and the Test-Portal experimental art fest in Amsterdam

Take Off Your Pants!

This video was made for artists Michael Smith and Joshua White’s, gallery based installation kiosk, (as seen below) titled, “Take Off Your Pants”. This has exhibited in galleries in New York, Israel and Texas. This fictional commercial, which I shot and edited, is for a children’s board game, with a repetitive jingle and smiling kids going insane with glee for a game in which the winner is anyone who can make it home the fastest from doing their errands and take off their pants. It suggests a deeper, more disturbing message. Through its unsettling and annoying presence, Take Off Your Pants! shifts from a seemingly benign child-friendly environment to an exaggeration of advertising strategies often aimed at children. I had the honor of working with this group of kids, keeping them focused on the wonders of this game and the pizza party that awaited them, once they were finished.

Take Off Your Pants….. prologue

This video was also made for artists Michael Smith and Joshua White’s collaborative art installation, Take Off Your Pants. Here our “everyman” character, Mike, wanders aimlessly through his day, looking forward to the fulfillment of being able to come home and sit in front of his computer in his boxer shorts. The very interactivity that is championed by the Internet, in fact, makes the viewer completely inactive in his or her life. Often hours sitting at a computer are consumed, before one realizes that they are still in their underwear. I shot and edited this, and am sitting here in my own boxer briefs as we speak.