Peter Shapiro

Life Coach/Video Maker

Directorial Work

=JUDGECAL’S= High Weirdness From November 1999 thru June 2000 Pseudo Programs, Inc. ran an Internet TV show called, =JUDGECAL’S= High Weirdness. It quickly became the number one rated weekly show on Pseudo. Though it’s run was relatively short, it indeed was a phenomenon. We had a fantastic bunch of people working on this and the goal for each show was to be as creative as possible. Cal Produced this thing. The content was his work, and he’ll be damned for a lot of it. The actual “Live” experience was more my game. There was a lot of experimenting and breaking the “rules” of production. We got a lot of shit, from the suits that came in and destroyed the spirit of play, and in the end, the ideas were copied and used in more mundane settings across amerika’s modem & cable waves…