Peter Shapiro

Life Coach/Video Maker

Family Event videos

Happy Birthday Ralph It was Ralph’s 80th birthday. He hadn’t been in New York in years. So his family made him a little hello, from his hometown. There’s a guest appearance of Mel Brooks about a minute or so in. He was more surprised than me, when I asked him to do this. As we parted, he kept looking over his shoulder and I kept laughing.

Jeff and Shoshana’s Wedding rehearsal dinner video This was a unique take on the “same old thing”, a project I had from a great family in Houston Texas.I was asked to make a video for the pre-wedding dinner, that wasn’t going to be a typical montage of childhood pictures, and to also roast the family in the process. It took some thinking, but I think it’s pretty funny. “Story Of A Woman” A one woman performance by Einya Aaron. This is derived from a book she has written, about her … all ยป families experiences prior to and during the holocaust, as well as the effects of the holocaust on their lives and her own life as a second generation holocaust survivor

Rica Shapiro Miritello Tribute video This is a montage tribute video, played at a wake and funeral. It was put together by, Alex, using her pictures from recent holiday parties, family trips and dinners. It’s hard to imagine that Rica isn’t a part of our daily lives anymore. As I look at these pictures I see her spirit, her boundless energy and her light. She is an inspiration to us all and we miss her dearly.