Peter Shapiro

Life Coach/Video Maker

Dance Documentation

“Prey”, Cora Dance Shannon Hummel Choreographer

I got to shoot this in November of 2008, Shannon gave me free reign, to follow this huge undertaking of a piece, that follows through all of the 5 story BAX, Brooklyn Arts Exchange Building

Cora Dance “Prey” @ BAX scene 13 from ps on Vimeo.

Cora Dance “Prey” @ BAX scene 3 from ps on Vimeo.

Cora Dance “Prey” @ BAX scene 7 from ps on Vimeo.

Cora Dance “Prey” @ BAX scene 16 from ps on Vimeo.

“Stacked” Martha William’s, “the movement movement”
Martha got access to this 7000 sq. ft space, that had been a Liz Claiborne store in the South Street Seaport, which had been turned into a gallery. There were 12 rooms on two floors, wired for video and sound, through a matrix switcher, projecting what was going on. (amazingly by
I roamed through the installation, also tethered to the matrix. this is what I saw.

Currency Break
Martha Williams, from her “the movement movement” performance “Stacked”Reggie Wilson
Black Burlesque RevisitedThe Sleep of Reason
This is the unmixed footage from my camera… which was part of a “Live Mix” From The Zuvuya Collective’s performance at the Collective Unconscious, in New York City. From Monday September 17, 2007.“Dance Parade”
This was the first annual Dance Parade. It was an awesome experience to be in it and a part of it. NYC is a great town, with a great … all ยป heart… with some really antiquated laws on the books. Limiting the amount of places around town where you can legally dance. Crazy huh?
“Te Damos La Mano”
a Guatemalan folklorica group, appeared in Union Square, NYC, as part of a Taiwanese Festival. There was a big storm that happened, right before they started, Once the rain stopped they continued, with their spirit and heart prevailing, for a wonderful show.“BlackKat MayDay Dance Party”
I was lucky enough to shoot this amazing day, a few years ago. I also danced my ass off. The cops left everyone alone, the weather was beautiful and Tompkins Square Park was bumping the LES.